October 2018 | Willem de Kooning Academy

Tesla introduces it’s first electric, semi-autonomous truck. With the aim of faster and more sustainable transport in which safety in traffic is central. Tesla calls the interior of his Semi Truck a “Cabin”. But how can you make a niche brand like Tesla accessible to truck drivers?

You drive a Tesla to feel yourself unique and important.
It provides status and image. But what is the image of current truck drivers?
A fat, bald man with a check blouse.

Tesla uses his power as a niche brand to bring the image and status of truck drivers to a level.
So truck drivers also feel involved with Tesla. Tesla does this by giving truck drivers the status of a pilot.

By designing a uniform for Tesla drivers, truck drivers get the status of a pilot.
So they feel involved with the brand and the Semi.
And drive with automatic pilot in the Cabin.