Only Bad Guys Drive Mercedes

JUNE 2020 | Graduation Project, Willem de Kooning Academy

Only Bad Guys Drive Mercedes is a collection of artifacts that focusses on the masculine stereotypes around Mercedes cars, that women are confronted with. And is a reveal of the untold relationships with the Mercedes car that fall out of such stereotypes.


With the interviews I had about their love for Mercedes cars,
I discovered that women have an emotional relationship with the car unlike men.
But many women, including myself, keep their love for cars, and in my case the Mercedes car,
a secret. Expressing that, would expose one to stereotypes such as being seen as a Nazi
sympathizer, egocentric businessman, bicultural drugdealer or one that sees the car as
a status symbol to show off.


Photography: Seye Cadmus
Camera: Jinzenvisuals
Models: Loes Doorakkers, Seyi Cadmus, Sien Vercruijsse