May 2020 | D&AD New Blood 2020

Young women are less active in sports than young men. This problem starts at young ages and keeps going for ages. The biggest reasons why young women don’t train regularly is because lack of self-confidence and not enough time. Psychologist conclude that social media as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok effects the self-confidence. And makes insecure about their life and body. How can NikePlus expand the membership offer in 2020 to make it more appealing to 14-19 year old girls in London?

The new function of the Nike+ app will make it possible
to limit & block access to all your social media for a certain amount of time.
With this new function, Nike offers a full Nike+ experience without social media trigger.
And to support young women to focus on their own life and growth in their own tempo.

Unlike other apps, the app keeps track of how long
you have NOT looked at your phone. The time that you are not looking to your phone
will get you special offers to special limited edition collections.
Whether you can create outfits to go train in confidence.

We communicate with the audience from the platforms
that are popular in their circle. From social media platforms as Instagram,
Snapchat and TikTok. We support young women to use the new function,
go offline and enjoy their training.