DECEMBER 2017 | Willem de Kooning Academy

Netflix & Chill, fun right? But what if Netflix is always listening to you and follows your life as a series. Netflix can create an action figure of you while you are watching with the data they collect. Netflix No-Action is a protest campaign against this privacy violation of Netflix with the goal to create awareness.

A lot of people are not aware that Netflix is gathering a lot of data about you. Netflix knows which series you are watching, but also at what time, on which device, where and with who. Not only your viewing habits, but also every sound in your surrounding is tapped. They recognize for example sounds like the leather couch, the fitted sheet of your bed and also with how much people you are watching. This data helps Netflix to classify you into one of the four Marvel characters, so they can determine in this way your personal algorithm. To ensure that you keep watching.

To create awareness of this privacy violation about how Netflix is following us. I created action figures of the viewers and invite people to order their own action figure. By receiving their action figure, they get information about how these action figures are made.

What would you think if you were sold as an action figure, exactly how you are watching Netflix?