DECEMBER 2019 | Minor Project, Willem de Kooning Academy

Do we want to help differently-abled people because we see that they actually are in need or just the idea and prejudice that they are incomplete?

Incomplete focusses on the ways we view and behave towards differently-abled people.
And stand by dissolving the difference between differently-abled bodies and the ones we consider “normal”.

By using the power of a trend that becomes a norm,
I created a new Pod with two functions; what makes usable for everyone.
You can isolate yourself, but also open up your world by using it as a hearing aid.
And show your differently-abled body part with pride.


Choreography: Redouan Hergelink
Models: Aaliyah, Gerco, Roos en Shoshanna


Breaking Structures, Showroom Mama, Rotterdam, 2019