Eet dan gewoon

March 2018 | In collaboration with Pelin Turfanda

The awareness campaigns and the media don’t show the reality about eating disorders. This creates a wrong clinical picture and many people think that this mental illness is just about self-image and the beauty ideal. People don’t know what the disease is and how to act. How would it feel to have an eating disorder?

We have designed special cutlery to show the right clinical picture 
and to make the mental conflict tangible. The important parts of this cutlery have been removed and
covered with rubber. So the unusability of the cutlery can not be seen at first. But if you want to use it,
this becomes impossible. In this way, outsiders experience how it feels to enter into a conflict and
to experience what it is like to have an eating disorder.

“Eet dan gewoon”, translated “Just eat” is one of the most used
sentences to someone with an eating disorder.